Full Plate 12: The Siege Perilous

Posted: Apr 29, 2022

In the New Dark Ages, the true seeker of the Grail must brave the Siege Perilous.

Arthurian lore tells of this seat being set aside only for the worthy, the knight who would ultimately attain the Grail - any other who sat in the Siege Perilous would find it fatal.

In our time, the way to the attainment of the Cup that holds eternal life and purpose is beset with real danger and fraught with true peril on all sides.

One of the truest of these is self-delusion.

The Grand Campaign is not a theater act, a role-play, or a game.

What sets it apart from these things is the very real risk and danger that it presents to the aspiring Knight of this new order: his life is what he has to offer. His safety, his comfort, his time - his honor.

Those who are merely pretending would be struck down if they attempted to sit even for a moment in the real Siege Perilous.

They would retreat from the arrows of misfortune, from the screaming hatred of the mob, from the very real enemies who array themselves against those who have won their spurs on the field of conquest and ideal.

In fact, a good way to ascertain if you are on the path of the Grand Campaign or not is to see how much your life resembles that of the World, or how much the life you lead is set apart from the everyday world. 

If your actions in your day to day look similar to the average citizen of the Kingdom of Darkness, a resident of the nearly invisible prison fashioned from the coils of the Great Dragon…you are not on the Grand Campaign, and you are unfit to sit the Siege Perilous.

You may delude yourself into thinking you are set against the foe, but who are you allied with? What powers and forces are at your aid, and who takes the field against you?

Without struggle, without duty, a man cannot transcend life and death, because he can attain no honor without loyalty and allegiance, and he can achieve no lasting glory without fighting for a cause. 

To take your place in the Siege Perilous is to wed a life of danger. It is to accept that you “are in the zone all the time.” It is to be a man born in your time, yet not of your time. 

It is to defend what was, and to fight for the dream of what could be.